Artist Portfolio – Sculpture

An Apple a Day

22ft H x 26ft W
Forged stainless steel tree with copper leaves and apples

Commissioned by Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The apple  tree motif represents good health and multiple generations. This work was designed as a gateway to the campus.

Copper Wall Hanging

A Dream Within

forged iron wall hanging

Scattered Harmony

forged iron wall hanging

Peace Pewter Repoussé

Featured in a traveling exhibit around the world in Hiroshima

Reaching for Balance
Owensboro Hospital

Forged copper tree sculpture measuring 54” x 48” x 45”.

Built for a place of contemplation, reflection, and relaxation, the hospital courtyard is grounded by the innate strength in this forged copper. These forged copper tree limbs garnishes weave in between each other creating a sense of steady rhythm and movement as they ascend vertically into the sky.

Rose’s Lament

Wrought iron. Kaviar Forge & Gallery

Forging Ahead Bike Rack
Kentucky Center for the Arts

Bronze and copper sculpture

The making of this forged bronze sculpture was truly a labor of love. I was so honored when my adopted hometown asked me to make a sculpture to stand at the KY Center for the Arts. “Forging Ahead: standing on the shoulders of giants,” is a symbolic representation of my debt to my personal artist-heroes: Alberto Giacometti, Diego Giacometti, and Alexander Calder. You see me standing on their shoulders, holding a symbolic Calder mobile. The slender figure recalls both Giacometti’s slimly molded figures and Dogon African metal figures. The sculpture’s texture and the fact that it is functional are tribute to Diego Giacometti.

In the Eye of the Beholder

Copper Repoussé 21 x 35in

Exhibited in the U.S. Pavilion at the World Fair in Japan. Only 2 artists from Kentucky had work in this exhibit.

Fountain with Leaves

Forged copper basin with water flowing through copper branches and leaves on bronze base

Seven Sisters
12ft x 2ft
Wrought Iron Sculpture with bronze and copper hanging mobile
Brown-Forman Sculpture Garden in Louisville KY

This sculpture is intended to present an empowering image of womanhood, figure overlooking landscape, suggesting Gaia and balance. Made in 1991 and purchased by Brown-Forman.

Forged Iron Animal Heads

“Remains at Ararat”
Forged iron and polished concrete
102” x 31” x 30”

Built in 2009 for sculpture exhibition at Yew Dell Gardens in Louisville, KY.

Ararat is the mountain Noah’s Ark landed on after the flood in the Bible. This is a sculptural version of the ark, made of hollow polished cement and forged iron, the iron has been hot dip-galvanized. The concrete surface has been polished with diamond polish to three-thousand grit.

Wrought Iron Armillary Sundial
56”H x 38” diameter
Kaviar Forge & Gallery

Copper Mask Sculpture

Dancing Man
Wrought Iron Sculpture
Private Residence, Louisville KY

“Thank Goodness for the Fiddle Head People”
Sculpture at Yew Dell Gardens

Stainless Steel & bronze

Sample sculpture for Louisville Wetlands

Gutenberg’s 400th Birthday
Wrought Iron Sculpture
Artists Exchange in Louisville’s Sister City Mainz, Germany

Forged iron Gothic ‘G’ with piercing black iron rose