Artist Portfolio – Furniture

Nesting in Vines Console

Forged Iron Structure with Faux Stone Tops
Brown-Forman Art Collection, Louisville KY


Horse Coffee Table

Forged Iron with copper finish.  water cut glass
Private Art Collection, Louisville KY


Cushioned Bench

Bronze bench inspired by Giacometti’s Etruscan tables.
(Two of these benches were created for singer-songwriter, Reba Macentire)

Fastened Coffee Table

Bronze base with glass
H 16” W 42” L 24”
Inspired by Giacometti’s Etruscan tables

Long and Lean Console Table

Forged Iron and polished steel with bronze vine and black granite top

Nestled Underneath Console

Forged Iron Structure with Wooden Top

Bird & Leaves Bedframe

Forged iron headboard and footboard

Strapped Chandelier

Forged Iron and Leather

2-toned Chandelier

Forged iron with copper plating
H 21” W 14” L 14”

Black Concrete Coffee Table

Hollow Polished Concrete Top
Embellished with shell pieces
Forged iron legs
H 17.5” W 34.5” L 34.5”

Café Table

Forged Iron
H 30.25”     W 18”     L 18”     Glass: 26” dia.
weight: 11lbs

Elegant lines and organic forms come together in this hand-forged iron café table. The sleek lines of the table legs and the rough texture of the leaves exemplify Kaviar’ signature forging technique.

Iron Furniture

Naturally Sleek End Table

Forged Iron Base with Granite Top and Bronze Vines with Leaves

Burning Bush Fire pit

Forged iron

Forged iron with foot rest

Cemetery Bench

Wrought Iron, bronze medallions, and polished concrete Adath of Sherum Cemetery, Louisville KY

Flora and Fauna Bar Stool

Forged Iron
H 30” W 18“ L 18” weight: 25lbs

Natural forms and wildlife come together to form a functional iron creation. Kaviar’s ironwork is created using a repurposed air hammer, originally built to be carried on a battleship in World War II. Using this tool makes Kaviar feel he is carrying out the biblical message of hammering swords into plowshares.

Flourishing Étagère

Forged Iron
H 63” W 42” L 22” weight: 75 lbs

Many of Kaviar’s pieces are functional by nature. This étagère is rooted in the outdoors with leaves flowing from vines capriciously dangling around the framework.

Baker’s Rack with Leaves and Birds

Forged Iron
H 82” W 42” L 22” weight: 80lbs

This baker’s rack incorporates leaves, birds, and latticework to form the structure of a highly functional art piece. Kaviar’s work is a combination of graceful lines and hand-wrought texture, making each creation a work of art.

Iron Chair with Leaves

Forged Iron
H 41” W 24” L 20” weight: 38lbs

This forged iron chair is embellished with latticework and organic forms found in nature. The iron was forged using Kaviar’s waste-vegetable oil forge, with oil donated by various neighborhood restaurants.

Wrought Leaves Stool

Forged Iron
H 24” W 18“ L 18”

Wrought Leaves End Table

H 30” W 18“ L 18” 20” glass diameter

Concrete and Forge Iron Desk

The countertop is black polished concrete with brown vein-work throughout, accompanied by recycled glass pieces

Louisville Main Public Library
York st entrance… built in drawers, etched glass, and spacing for computers… on wheels for easy mobility

Forging Around Coffee Table

Forged Iron Base with Granite Top

Created for lobby of Louisville Country Club

4-shelf display case

Forged iron with built in lights to display a glass collection by the private collector

Chess Set Table

Forged Iron
H 30” W 26.5” L 27” weight: 64lbs

This chess set table was designed and created with a built-in board—all forged in iron. Kaviar felt it appropriate to pair the age-old trade of blacksmithing with a game that goes far back in history as well. This table is available in indoor and outdoor finishes.

Forged Iron Outdoor Loveseat

Memorial Bench for Sam Henney from class of2011 St. Francis High School, Louisville KY

Everglades Bed Frame

Forged iron headboard with crane and lily pads

Gardening and Potting Table

Forged Iron Structure with Bronze animals and wrap

Bird Bath with Custom Slumped Glass

Vine Table

Forged Iron
H 16” x 42” diameter

Greatly influenced by nature and the organic movement of its materials, Craig Kaviar incorporated natural forms into this creation including a fluid leaf motif along its playful vines. These undulating forms wrap themselves around bundles of sticks in this spiritually inspiring piece. “Vine Table” was previously on display at the Evansville Museum, where it won multiple awards.

Iron & Bronze Sheaf Table

Forged Iron with Bronze Wrap
H 30.75” W 39 L 39” Glass: 40” dia. weight: 70lbs

Inspired by nature, this table features Kaviar’s signature combination of sleek lines with the tactile, hand-forged texture of iron. The base of this table resembles a sheaf, held together by a bronze, twisting vine.

Twisting Botanica Chair

Forged Iron
H 30.25” W 18” L 18” Glass: 26” dia. weight: 20lbs

Leafy tendrils curve harmoniously to form the structure of this functional art piece. Kaviar’s forged ironwork is sealed with a natural, hand-rubbed wax finish.

Armless Chair with Leaves and Bird

Forged Iron
H 28” W 20” L 20” weight: 30lbs

This latticework chair incorporates the organic forms of birds and leaves often showcased in Kaviar’s work. All parts were forged in the artist’s eco-friendly waste vegetable oil forge.