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Handrails at Private Homes









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Norton Hospital

We created an entrance rail to match existing Art Deco style of the building. Two of the above grills was left at my shop by the former owner. We returned them and made a match for it.

Fireplace Screen and Tools
Bellarmine University President’s Office, Louisville KY

This unified fireplace screen, tools and wood holder was created for the president of Bellarmine University.

This was created with a woodland theme and finished in a natural oxide wax. The screen is made from stainless steel.

Wheat Shaft Door Handle

Forged Bronze handles
Entrance of the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft
5ft tall

Christ Church Cathedral
Louisville KY

Forged iron courtyard gates and grill. Forged in traditional wrought iron style using scrolls and pierced iron.

First Unitarian Church
Louisville KY

When this historic church was rebuilt after a disastrous fire, they left some of this building as a courtyard. We created a fenced gate and grill to contain the courtyard.

We used a contemporary European style, incorporating both rough and classical designs. This is also true for the door handles.

Kaviar Forge Sign

Gold Leaf Lettering
Forged iron bracket
Carved wooden sign

Kaviar Gallery Sign

Copper repousse with gold leaf lettering holding multiple pages in center, similar to a book

Quest Outdoors Sign

Sign for Outdoor Sporting Goods Store. Copper repousse with gold leaf lettering. Also includes store logo as iron eagle in a heavy iron frame

Terra Bella Sign

Gold Leaf Lettering. Forged Copper repousse mounted onto stone column with pine tree motif

Notch View Manor Sign

Copper Repousse with gold leaf lettering

Ashland Advance Eye Care Center Sign

Following the great European tradition, we used symbols for the occupations of an optometrist and ophthalmologist as the motif for these signs

Family Practice Dentist Sign

Following the great European tradition, we used a stethoscope in the style of a Claude Oldenberg sculpture to symbolize medicine. Forged iron leaves and birds also adorn the post.

Forged Iron Garden Gate
50” wide x 40” high

Reflects the beauty of the growing garden within

Forged Iron Handrail Transforming into a Vine

Oak Tree Melody
Wrought Iron Sculpture
Brown-Forman Headquarters
Louisville KY

This sculpture was created for an entrance to a walking tunnel at Brown Forman Headquarters. I used the motif of an oak tree, relating to the oak barrels in which Brown Forman ages bourbon. Oversized hand-blown glass acorns function as lighting.

Private Residence in Southern Indiana

Features a combination traditional rail with gold leaf ornamentation around back deck and sculptural plant rail ascends the pool slide

Forged Iron Handrail
Private Residence

This heavily textured railing was forged in ac ontemporary European style with clear glass to allow an open view.

The Iron Gate prevents children from falling.

The iron was forged in shop, heated, and wrapped on site.

Valerie Young Foundation Home

Beautiful post and beam home recently built by Bill Peace

Forged Iron Maple Tree with Leaves

Healing Garden Railing
Commissioned by Norton Hospital, 2011
36’ x 8’ x 18’

This area was designed specifically with cancer patients in mind. There is a growing belief in the merger of healthcare and artwork, and I fervently believe in the ability of the visual arts to bring some measure of peace and balance to a troubled mind. For this piece, the texture of the ironwork invites you to experience the forged iron on both a visual and tactile level that is soothing because it interacts with the viewer. It suggests the order within chaos, as the branches split and twist, seeking more room to grow. The trunk of the curving vine leads the viewer down a set of stairs into the Healing Garden.

Copper Down Spout Fountain

Forged copper pipe collects water, and flows as a fountain when it rains

Forged Iron Handrail

Hand-forged Railing with Iron Leaves

(notice railing wraps around stone wall)

Bronze Door Handle for Whole Foods Wine Shop

Forged bronze to simulate twisting grape vines and leaves

Forged Iron Gate & Fence
Created for Woodford Reserve

Using corn as a motif, corn stalks adorn the sides and finials. Tassels are gold leafed.

handrail in audbon park 002 handrail in audbon park 008 handrail in audbon park 006

Forged Iron Handrail
Private Residence

another happy customer.  Forge iron rail with leaves

Forged Iron Handrail
Private Residence

Uses rough hand-forged aesthetic in a contemporary European style

Forged Iron Handrail
Private Residence

Uses rough hand-forged aesthetic in a contemporary European style